It is my opinion that a restaurant business is one of the finest business one could own.

Restaurants are not just places to eat but are places where people come together, renew their relationships, friends and families. All of our memories are one time or another are tied down to a restaurant. I feel it is an honour and am proud to help you be a successful part of this industry.

As well as owning a number of restaurants and I have been called upon numerous times as consultant and have been a part of this industry for over 30 years.

I have worked in various positions in restaurant and have had active roles in the  restaurants strategy, operations, menu design and development improving and demonstrating quality and more. My depth, insights and  broad based knowledge allows me to assist anyone who is starting out and to those who are well established.

I follow a holistic process approach when looking at a new or existing restaurant business. The key benefit being that I am able to identify current problems, if any,  that are contributing factors or create a credible quality plan to integrate all aspects of the restaurant and kitchen. This holistic view of the restaurant allows you, the client, to make the strategic shift in the way the restaurant runs.

The Core values of my approach are:

1.       Keep Learning

2.       First Class for Less

3.       Celebrate Knowledge Workers

4.       Do your best

5.       Share Knowledge

The Purpose is To Enable Restaurants Achieve Their Goals

The Promise is that we  save time, offer flexibility and allow our clients to pick and choose their solutions.