What IsĀ  Restaurant Setup?

At Ivy Marketing & Consulting we see the restaurant setup service as a complete assignment. Your restaurant setup project will be hand conduct step by step with myself from the concept stage, right through until till the restaurant starts and beyond. In this you will have someone who you can discuss your ideas & vision, get a seasoned opinion that will enable you to realise your goals.

Why is this important?

The entire focus is on planning your business better and implementing your project plan in a time bound manner. In this journey you will be able to mitigate your risks by having a clarity of your concept, knowing your financial risks, manage project and product risks.

What Does Restaurant Setup Consultancy Include ?

In restaurant setup you will be assisted right from

  • Concept Development
  • Market Study & Competition Study
  • Feasibility Study
    • CapEx Budget
    • Profit and Loss Statement
    • Identification of all resources needed – manpower, equipment etc.
  • Pre-Opening services
    • a project schedule will be made to identify all activities that need to happen when you sign up on the lease. The project schedule will enable you to identify the critical path.
    • Help you complete your project on time.
  • Kitchen Design
    • A good and productive kitchen is needed. Using our unique methodology we will enable you to have an optimum layout for your kitchen.
    • Special attention is made on space allocation, workflow and capacity planning.
  • Vendor Selection
    • An approved vendor list is established. These vendor will support your CapEx and OpEx needs.
  • Menu Design
    • In sync with your concept a menu strategy will be established. Furthermore development of the menu will be facilitate.
  • Restaurant system and procedures setup
    • How will you run your business on a day to day basis? With you will establish and deploy which will enable you to work on the business and not in it.
    • A financial control system
    • A culinary system
    • A people alignment system
    • A new business development system.
    • An integrated view of the business is taken.