Financial Planning

Restaurant Financial Planning can give insights to a start up or existing restaurant as to what it take to achieve their goals. Restaurant Financial Planning will help you to recognise patterns which you need to identify.

Kitchen Design

Kitchen Layout Planning is to ensure successful design by combining all aspects of the restaurant; the menu, arrangements of dining areas, kitchen floor plans & back of the house. There is one common characteristics to all food service facilities, each is involved in production and sale or distribution of food.

Restaurant Setup

The entire focus is on planning your business better and implementing your project plan in a time bound manner. I will help you mitigate your risks by having a clarity of your concept, knowing your financial risks, manage project risk, manage product risk.

Ivy Marketing & Consulting Restaurant Management

Improving your business and social standing.

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Restaurant Marketing

Restaurant Marketing

In these day of the digital age it is not just the restaurant and it’s food that is important it is having a strong online presence and these this means key google ranking for your restaurant to be found by

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Social Media Martketing